Connect The Dots

My vision is to bring communities together to help homeless individuals with permanent and replicable solutions. I want to crowd-source the best ideas and practices. The goal is to build a movement, an infrastructure that will survive long after any one individual’s involvement.

People will continue to become homeless. They just don’t need to stay that way.

I have been asked if I was starting a nonprofit. My reply is always, “Nope! I want to start a revolution.”

One final note. Homeless initiatives have been a passion of mine for some time. This project also has a second aspect. I hope my journey inspires YOU to “do something” concerning whatever you are passionate about; to look for new ways to solve old problems.

What's My Goal?

We don’t need to find a “cure” to homelessness. This isn’t a disease that requires millions of dollars and decades of research. Housing is a basic human right that should be available to everyone today. 

I want to discover the best ways to help those in need on the local level, then get them access to services that already exist. If a service doesn’t exist locally, what will it take to make it available?

On one side we have those in need. On the other side is that help. My goal…is simply to figure out the best way to, “Connect the Dots”.

I don’t have the answers, but they are out there! Here’s my plan.

Latest Blog Posts

If you've spent even 10 minutes with me you know what a huge dog person I am. Friends, family members, former coworkers and even clients know the story of my beloved Baxter who I said goodbye to last March after 16 years. So it stands to reason I would be on top of dog rescues, right? Of course....but it got me thinking. Why isn't there the same thing for people?
Over the past two years, Americans from every part of the country have responded enthusiastically to the call to welcome Afghan families, Ukrainians displaced by war, and others fleeing persecution.
For a long time, I have wondered about individuals and organizations doing things for their particular causes. Did they really do it to help, or was it more driven to make them feel better about themselves?
It's an ugly word. Eviction is a brutal process for anyone who has had to suffer it. In one fell swoop, a tenant, who by definition, doesn’t own their place of residence, has everything ripped out from underneath of them. They come home to a locked door, usually losing their belongings in the process.
No two people experience homelessness the same way. Some have a mental health diagnosis; some do not. Some are living with addiction, others are not. Some spend each night in a shelter, while others sleep in doorways, cars, or encampments.
Most people have a cause they are passionate about. They want to get involved. They want to do more. I found my cause twenty-eight years ago. I saw this great Dennis Miller monologue that changed my perspective and started me on the path to my goal.